Definitions for "Near End Crosstalk"
Crosstalk measured by applying and measuring the disturbing signal on two pairs at the same end.
One of the test parameters used when testing Category 5E or Category 6 UTP, FTP or ScTP Permanent Links or channels.NEXT is the measurement of noise that is electrically induced from one pair in the cable onto another pair, or pairs. If this noise becomes excessive, it will lead to signal loss or even total disruption of communication. There are many reasons for NEXT failures, but the most important thing to look out for is to keep the pair twists as tight as possible up to the point of termination. Also, do not remove more cable sheath than is necessary to do the termination. When testing, the larger the value of NEXT loss in dB, the better the performance.
The interference measured on a wire adjacent to the wire on which the signal is being sent. Near end crosstalk measurements show the amount of signal leaking when measured close to the signal generation point. If the crosstalk coupling across at the near end is great enough, it can interfere with signals coming from a remote point, which are diminishing as they reach the same spot.