Definitions for "ACR"
See Attenuation Crosstalk Radio
The difference between attenuation and crosstalk, measured in dB, at a given frequency (acronym for Attenuation Crosstalk Ratio). Important characteristic in networking transmission to assure that signal sent down a twisted pair is stronger at the receiving end of the cable than are any interference signals imposed on that same pair by crosstalk from the pairs.
Designation for cable with corona resisting insulation.
American College of Radiology file format. This file format is a standard for ACR-NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) medical image files.
(13) The American College of Radiology
American College of Radiology (professional society)
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Australian Course Rating - Similar to a USGA, RCGA or R&A course rating used only in Australia It is a figure used in handicap calculations.
parameter defined by the ATM Forum for ATM traffic management. ACR varies between the MCR and the PCR, and is dynamically controlled using congestion control mechanisms.
The rate at which a transmitter is allowed to send signals in ATM systems - measured in cells per second.
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Advanced Communication Riser: a rival riser card architecture to Intel's CNR specification, which emerged at about the same time and offers similar features.
Audio Communications Riser, a slot that is only used by large OEMs to add cheap devices to their computers. Since ACR devices are software based, they often times sap a lot of CPU resources.
Advanced Combat Rifle. A military project that evaluated submissions of futuristic weapons from various manufacturers.
A torpedo interlock that prevents the weapon from acquiring on the firing ship (“own ship”). When the torpedo turns more than 160 degrees from the approach course to the target, the onboard gyro sends a signal to the central processor to shut down the unit. It then sinks.
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Custom BC Query found under Reporting Tools Query Query Viewer. Complete query name is BC_GL_ACR_STDNT_SLRY. Good for high level view of all Accounts in your dept and can download and analyze in Excel. Updated every 2 hours.
See Additional Cause Reservation
Additional Cause Reservation. One of the Categories of Legitimate Reservation used to analyze logic trees. The term “cause reservation” describes the lack of sufficient causes to prompt an expected effect.
Automatic Conflict Resolver. A tool to aid in the resolution of conflicts imposed by a BFU prior to completing the upgrade. Without ACR all conflicts must be resolved manually, this simply automates the proccess and as such reduces the chances of missed conflicts that could brickify your system.
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Armored Cavalry Regiment
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Abandon Call and Retry.
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Automatic Cluster Removal occurs when a cow has finished giving milk the machine detects the reduced flow, cuts off the vaccuum to the cluster and gently pulls off the cluster.
Anglesey Central Railway. Incorporated 1863. Transferred to the LNWR in 1876.
Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HUVAC systems.
(Assembly Concurrent Resolution) A measure introduced in one house which, if approved, must be sent to the other house for approval. The Governor's signature is not required. These measures usually involve the business of the Legislature.
Approval authority
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See Alkali-Carbonate Reaction.
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Annual Competitiveness Report
Annual Chapter Report (see below)
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Auto Callling Router
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Air control radar
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Air Conditioning Relay
Associates in Church Relations [formerly representatives
Address Correction Requested