Definitions for "Alumni Association"
Students who attended for at least one full year, or who graduated from Highcroft Country Day School, Northrop Collegiate School, The Blake Schools or The Blake School are members of the Alumni Association. Activities planned for alumni include Homecoming, Holiday Open House, career networking, outstanding Alumni recognition and Reunion.
The University of Victoria Alumni Association (est. 1963) is the main link between alumni and the University. The association, a separate society incorporated under the Society Act of BC, makes its home at Alumni House on the UVic campus. The Alumni Association provides many opportunities for you to stay connected with your alma mater by participating in alumni events, receptions and programs, by joining the UVic On-line Community, and by encouraging others to attend UVic for their education.
a good way to stay in touch with the program, and your fellow graduates
a program of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber aimed at promoting the Leadership Cincinnati USA Program
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a world where people and communities can grow and develop to their fullest potential
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a dues paying organization