Definitions for "MCR"
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Minimum Cell Rate: An ABR service traffic descriptor, in cells/sec, that is the rate at which the source is always allowed to send.
An asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) parameter used to determine the minimum number of cells permitted in a specific time period. See ATM.
Minimum Cell Rate. In ATM, the minimum cell rate a source is allowed to maintain.
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Middle Combination Room. A College's Postgraduate Student Union. - MCR
The Middle Combination (or Common) Room and the Middle Combination Room Society. The MCRS is the graduate student society which represents student in the College, provides welfare services and arranges social events. The MCR is also usually a room or series of rooms used for communal activities.
1. Middle Common Room, located in S staircase. 2. Graduate body of Downing College
CNTech’s Metrology Cleanroom. Here we have optical microscopes, and film thickness monitors.
Modified Caustic Refining. A chemical refining process replacing the water washing step in neutralizing with silica adsorption in bleaching. The process and term invented by W. R. Grace, USA.
Area in the TV center dedicated to routing and switching functions.
master control relay. A hard-wired relay that controls voltage to a PLC system or other automated system so that voltage can be de-energized by any series-connected emergency stop switch. Whenever the master control relay is de-energized, its contacts open to remove the source of power from all I/O circuits, sensors, and actuators.
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DataCAD Keyboard Macro File
Mitigating circumstances rejected. Used in conjunction with another code which specifies the consequences of this decision.
Maximum continuous rating
Metabolic Clearance Rate
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Mixed Crop Residues
Medical Research Council (UK)
Medical Cost Ratio. Compares the cost of providing service to the amount paid for the service. (See Medical Loss Ratio)