Definitions for "BASIC RATE"
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Prior to 2001's change in the audit bureaus' rules, basic rate — a magazine's standard, published subscription price — was used as the benchmark for defining paid circulation. (Subs paid at at least 50 percent of basic were defined as paid.) Now that both ABC and BPA define paid circulation as any sub or single copy paid at at least one cent, basic rate is used primarily for postal purposes. The Postal Service continues to base periodicals-rate eligibility on a magazine's having at least 50 percent of its circulation paid at 50 percent of basic rate and/or requested. Therefore, magazines continue to need to monitor these levels and publish a basic rate on their mastheads.
A fundamental rate usually applied to an entire class of policies or to similar properties in a given territory, such as one state.
The rate that applies to plain and simple loan from each lender. Cheaper rate loans which don’t have features such as a redraw or offset account.
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A service in ISDN that provides each user with two 64Kbps bearer (or B) channels for message information and one 16 Kbps (or D) channel for signaling and control over an existing telephone line. It is also referred to as 2B=D.bps bits per second.
Abbreviated to BRI (basic rate interface) or ISDN2. An ISDN circuit providing 2 x 64 kbit/sec bearer channels for use by data or speech and one 16 kbit/sec control channel. Two independent calls can be carried at the same time on one BRI circuit.
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Taux de base
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The standard charge for a given type of risk.