Definitions for "AER"
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The large veil used to cover the Chalice and Diskos.
large veil used to cover the diskarion and chalice.
A large Veil used to cover the Chalice and Paten during the Divine Liturgy. Usually made of the same material as the Priest's vestments.
Annual Equivalent Rate. This illustrates what the interest rate would be or is if paid and compounded on an annual basis (excluding any bonus interest payable). This helps compare benefits of annual and monthly interest accounts.
The Annual Equivalent Rate or AER is the rate that would be applied to the account if interest were paid annually(usually quoted alongside a monthly or a quarterly rate).
Stands for Annual Equivalent Rate, and shows you what the rate would be if interest was paid and added to your account each year (excluding any bonus interest payable).
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Rising 31 stories to a height of 145.5 m, AER is a mixed used complex built as a part of the redevelopment of the west side of Sendai Station. Floors 1 to 4 are occupied by retail businesses, including chains such as UNIQLO and Maruzen.
Academic Evaluation Report HL Hekman Library
Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired
Authorized Education Reseller. A software reseller authorized by Microsoft to sell Academic Edition software licenses to eligible education customers.
Adverse experience report: A document in a prespecified format used to collect information on all reportable adverse experiences
Adverse event report. A report of an incident where it is believed that a substance may have caused a health problem or detrimental event.
ogel Chemistry. The dispersion of a gas in a solid or liquid medium, such as foam; the reverse of an aerosol, where the medium is a gas and the dispersed material is particles of a solid or liquid.
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And Environmental Research
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