Definitions for "APR"
Annual Percentage Rate. The yearly interest percentage of a loan, as expressed by the actual rate of interest paid. Example: 6% add-on interest would be much more that 6% simple interest, even though both would say 6%. The APR is disclosed as a requirement of federal truth in lending status.
Annual Percentage Rate. Standard measure of true interest on a loan measured over one year, reflecting the cost of paying on a monthly basis.
Annual Percentage Rate. Is the cost of a loan or overdraft expressed as an annual percentage of the balance of the loan. To calculate the interest rate, simply divide the APR by 12, so if the APR is 18% the monthly rate is 1.5%. This includes all costs.
Automatic Picture Replacement. A document contains lowresolution images until it is time to be RIPed, when the RIP replaces the image with a high resolution. This is to avoid excessively large document files clogging up the speed of operation when they are being worked on.
(automatic picture replacement) The replacement of a low-resolution image by a high-esolution image.
Automatic picture replacement. A process used on Creo (Scitex) systems where high-resolution scans are made, and specially linked low resolution images are sent to the designer for placement in the layout. The linked low-res images are automatically swapped with the high-res images at when the file is ripped. (Similar to opi.)
Air Purifying Responders
Air-purifying respirators
Air purifying respirator
Subversion is built on a portability layer called APR (Apache Portable Runtime library). This means Subversion should work on any operating system that the Apache httpd server runs on: Windows, Linux, all flavors of BSD, Mac OS X, Netware and others.
Academic Progress Report. Also known as a bingo sheet, the academic progress report, issued each semester, plots the coursework a student has completed in grid format.
Academic Progress Report. A document that matches an individual student's complete academic course history against the prescribed set of degree program requirements in effect at the time of entry into the major. The report indicates requirements completed as well as those to be completed.
A-Parents-Russia, a large international adoption e-mail list for Eastern European adoption maintained by Eastern European Adoption Coalition (EEAC).
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Alumni and Public Relations ICM Inter-Campus Mail
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Advance purchasing request. Public request for quote/proposal (Rfx) for new products or services not yet in production (see PCR).
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Automatic Picture Replacement: Allows the creation of totally electronic files with art and photos in place. The high-res file is stored on an image server while the low-res version (the APR) is used as the electronic FPO during production. The high-res file is only accessed when high-res output is required for either film, IRIS proofs, or color-separated laser proofs. The low-res file is what appears on screen and in low-res color lasers.
Agricultural preservation restriction. In Massachusetts, an APR is a special type of conservation restriction. Authorized by Chapter 780 of the Acts of 1977, an APR is a legal restriction prohibiting non-agricultural use or development of a parcel in order to preserve the land for agricultural purposes. To date, Massachusetts has authorized approximately $126 million for the purchase of APR's by the Department of Food and Agriculture. Owners of productive agricultural land may also donate APRs to the Department of Food and Agriculture or to land trusts, subject to approval of the municipality and the Commissioner of Food and Agriculture.
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asset alligator spread
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Awaiting Passage for Return
Active Prominence Region. In solar-terrestrial terms, a portion of the solar limb displaying active prominences.
Application Programmer's Reference. A CICS reference manual.
Auxiliary power reserve; also: automatic power reserve
A mathematical measurement of the success of a trading system indicating the gain or loss of a system normalized to 250 bars of active positions. APR may contain the "BT" or "FT" prefix when used in context with Profile statistics.
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Adult-Pupil Ratio.
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Access Point Repeater
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Advance Planning Report
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