Definitions for "Discount Rate"
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The interest rate that is charged on money borrowed by banks from the Federal Reserve System. Back to the Top
This is the rate applied to a future cash flow in order to determine its current value. For instance, applying a discount rate of 8%, a payment of £100 in 10 years' time is currently worth 100/(1.08^10), or £46.32. The flip side of this is that if we have £46.32 now and it grows at 8%, then in ten years' time it will be worth £100. The discount rate is often based on long-term interest rates (see Redemption Yield).
(1) The interest rate used in calculating the present value of cash flows. The rate reflects the time value of money and risk of the cash flows. (2) The interest rate charged by the twelve Federal Reserve Banks for short-term loans made to member banks.
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stockbroker - stockjobber
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Some Lenders offer a discount off their SVR for a period of time.
A fee assessed by an individual or company that purchases an asset of another Individual or company for cash or consideration.
interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan
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Discount Window