Definitions for "QAM"
Modulation method used by modems and DSL equipment. Combines two amplitude-modulated (AM) signals into a single channel. The modem inserts the signals 90 degrees (one-quarter cycle) out of phase with each other. Engineers call this 90-degree phase shift "quadrature." QAM modulates both carrier phase and amplitude. Doubles effective bandwidth.
uadrature Am plitude odulation - A method of modulating digital signals onto a radio-frequency carrier signal in which the value of a symbol consisting of multiple bits is represented by amplitude and phase states of the carrier.
A digital modulation format used for downstream transmission in cable TV systems — commonly used for cable HDTV.
Q Animation Machine files are used to build state machines which sequence animations by specifying how they relate to each other. The sequences are then applied to some geometry using a Puppet. An in-depth description of Q Animation Machines is available here.
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