Definitions for "DMT"
Refers to a version of multicarrier modulation in which incoming data is collected and then distributed over a large number of small, individual carriers. DMT creates these channels using a digital technique known as Discrete Fast-Fourier Transform. DMT is the basis of ANSI Standard T1.413.
Most common DSL modulation method. DMT creates 256 channels across the usable frequency spectrum. Each channel measures 4.3125KHz wide. Dividing the spectrum into channels allows DMT to function well in spite of nearby AM radio transmitters. The DMT modulator and demodulator is the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithm. Inside each channel, the modulation technique is QAM. Within each channel, the number of bits per symbol may be independently selected. Independent selection allows a DMT modem to be rate adaptive. Both G.DMT and G.Lite use DMT.
Discrete Multi-Tone
A hallucinogenic "designer drug" with psychedelic properties.
Dimetyltryptamine-- an extremely powerful, short-acting hallucinogenic molecule found in the South American shamanic brew Ayahuasca.
Dimethyltryptamine. A very powerful hallucinogen that is smoked in a pipe. It gives short intense trips of a very specific nature. Check out for more info.
Directorate Management Team
Data Management Team
DHFS Division of Management and Technology.
An elongated version of a "Mini" trampoline that is open at either end - Useful for circus tricks and games. The 'Artiste' runs and mounts, performs a trick or two whilst rebounding across the apparatus, landing on a foam filled pad at the other end.
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Delhi Music Theatre
Dimethyl terephthalate-a chemical intermediate used in the manufacture of polyester.
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DMT is a three-letter abbreviation (TLA) which may stand for
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Dry Metric Ton
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Dot Matrix Tracking
Distributed Mission Training
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design and make task