Definitions for "Explanation of benefits"
Keywords:  eob, explain, denial, denied, sent
The notice you receive from your insurance company after getting medical services from a doctor or hospital. It tells you what was billed, the payment amount approved by your insurance, the amount paid, and what you have to pay.
Statement sent by health plans to covered persons who have received benefits under the plan. The statement details the charges for the covered services, how much the health insurance will pay, and how much the insured is responsible for paying.
EOB A written (usually computer generated) document describing the disposition of a claim.  The EOB usually includes details about the service, provider, amount allowed, amount paid, cost sharing details, member liability, denial reasons, and appeal rights. ee for Service FFS A system of payment for healthcare services whereby a fee is charged for each service delivered and a provider is paid a fee according to each service rendered. rievance A verbal or written expression of dissatisfaction with the quality of care or services provided.  This usually includes any complaints that are not considered to be an appeal.  ealth Care Financing Administration HCFA The old federal agency responsible for administering Medicare since renamed Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).