Definitions for "Retrofit"
A broad term that applies to any change after the original purchase, such as adding equipment not a part of the original purchase. As applied to alternative fuel vehicles, it refers to conversion devices or kits for conventional fuel vehicles. Also called "aftermarket."
Addition of a pollution control device on an existing facility without making major changes to the generating plant.
A modification that can be made to an existing piece of equipment after purchase to bring it up to date.
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To convert a standard "broadcast" mowing deck on either a walk-behind or riding mower (including Lawn and Garden Tractors) into an environmentally friendly mulching configuration.
backwards integration of advanced capability into a device or programme not originally intended for that purpose. Reverse webturn bar - rollers or bar used for printing or applying foil to the reverse side of a web.
Backward integration of advanced capability into a device or program not originally intended for that purpose.
The fitment of an exhaust system, typically an emissions control system, to a vehicle already in service. Retrofit strategy is employed by fleet operators as an economical way to addressing transport related air pollution.
a component or accessory added to something after it has been manufactured
the act of adding a component or accessory to something that did not have it when it was manufactured; "the court ordered a retrofit on all automobiles"
a replacement of a valve's main flow control trim component using the original valve body as installed without alteration
A self-ballasted replacement lamp that converts a light source to either change its characteristics or reduce energy consumption.
To replace an older component, system or refrigerant with a newer one. With respect to A/C systems, retrofit refers to replacing R12 with R134a. Changing refrigerants requires changing compressor lubricants and service fitting, and may also require other
To add energy-saving materials or devices or to otherwise alter a building for increasing energy efficiency. See Weatherize.
Term used for the conversion of a filter or filter separator.
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a custom job