Definitions for "NSR"
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Net Smelter Return. A royalty payment made by a producer of metals based on gross metal production from the property, less deduction of certain limited costs including smelting, refining, transportation and insurance costs.
is an abbreviation for Net Smelter Royalty
Net Smelter Return. A royalty or share of net revenues generated from the sale of metals produced by a mine.
New Source Review Ozone
Non-Source Routed: Frame forwarding through a mechanism other than Source Route Bridging.
New Source Review. a permitting procedure for new or modified stationary sources found in the BAAQMD's Regulation 2. NSR applies if the emissions from the new source are above a trigger level
North Sea Region, designated under the INTERREG framework
North Staffordshire Railway. Not part of the LNWR but a close associate. NSR lines were centred on Stoke-on-Trent and connected with the LNWR at Crewe, Sandbach, Macclesfield, Stafford and Colwich (on the Trent Valley Line). The NSR shared goods services between Edge Hill and the Midlands with the LNWR and several Manchester–London and Birmingham passenger and goods expresses ran over the NSR via Macclesfield and Stoke. Colloquially known as the "Knotty", from the company symbol of a Staffordshire knot; grouped into the LMS in 1923.
Not Satisfactorily Restocked. productive forest land that has been denuded and has failed, partially or completely, to regenerate either naturally or by planting or seeding to the specified or desired free growing standards for the site.
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Nonsignificant Risk
Nonshared resources. A VSAM option where data and index buffers are not shared with other VSAM files.
NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer. Brings natural material properties (smoke, clouds, water, cloth, plastic, etc) to life via advanced per-pixel shading capabilities in a single pass.»more information
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Normal sinus rhythm. The normal rhythm or beating of the heart. Back to Previous Page
The Nuclear Science Reference file is a compilation of about 160,000 references relevant to nuclear structure and decay.
The lending amount based on disposable income