Definitions for "TMDL"
Forestry Operations & Water Quality] The sum of: individual wasteload allocations for point sources + load allocations for non-point-sources + natural background occurrances + a margin of safety. TMDL's can be expressed in terms of mass per time, toxicity, or other appropriate measures that relate to a state's water quality standard. [ref: Protocol for Developing Sediment TMDLs, First Edition, US-EPA Office of Water EPA-841-B-99-004 October 1999].
a blueprint for an impaired water body that defines the problem, identifies the source of pollutants and outlines what control methods can be implemented which will result in improved water quality so it again meets its designated uses
a calculation of how much of a pollutant can be introduced into a waterbody before it becomes impaired
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Total Maximum Daily Loads
Total Maximum Daily Load
a plan to restore the beneficial uses of the stream or to otherwise correct the impairment