Definitions for "Designated Uses"
Uses that society, through state and federal governments, determines should be attained in the waterbody. Examples include warmwater aquatic ecosystems, public water supply, and recreational fishing.
Those uses specified in water quality standards for each waterbody or segment whether or not they are being attained. All Virginia waters are designated for the following uses: recreational uses, e.g., swimming and boating; the propagation and growth of a balanced, indigenous population of aquatic life, including game fish, which might reasonably be expected to inhabit them; wildlife; and the production of edible and marketable natural resources, e.g., fish and shellfish.
The role that a water body is slated to fulfill, such as a drinking water source. Uses are specified in water quality standards for each water body or segment, whether or not the current water quality is high enough to allow the designated use. Other typical uses of a water body include propagation of fish and wildlife, recreation, agriculture, industry, and navigation.