Definitions for "CAA"
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Clean Air Act (US)
Acronym for lean ir ct Can Velocity Velocity of the baghouse process air as it flows upward though the rows of bags. Formula: Area of the Baghouse in Square Feet minus the area of the diameter of the filter bags divided by the ACFM of the process air. Excessive Can Velocity can cause premature bag wear due to abrasion and can cause more dust to be carried upward to the bags overloading the bags and the cleaning system. Conversely a Low Can Velocity can cause segregation of the incoming dust carrying only the finest of particles which can prevent the formation of a good Dust Cake
Clean Air Act The Clean Air Act establishes national requirements for airborne emissions, including both stack emissions and "fugitive" emissions from leaks and other sources. EPA, state, and regional air quality agencies are all likely to be involved in CAA implementation. See Also: BACT, CAP, CEMS, HAP, MACT, NAAQS, NESHAP, NSPS, NSR, PSD, RMP, SIP...................
Comunicacion Aumentativa y Alternativa
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anadian viation dministration. Now part of Transport Canada.
Calvin Alumni Association ITEC Instructional Technology Education Center
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old ir dvection
see Computer Aided Assessment
Computer Aided Assessment. CAA broadly refers to any use of computers for the purpose of delivering, marking and reporting of assessments. One of the simplest forms of CAA is the process of optical marking. This system was introduced when computer technology was relatively un-advanced and relies on optical readers to extract data from the answer papers. Learners respond to multiple-choice questions by checking boxes that relate to a series of possible answers on a dedicated form. This information is scanned optically and translated into a digital format for computer interpretation. The system has the advantage that it enables rapid and automatic marking of large quantities of forms. In addition to this some CAA software systems will provide information such as histograms of results distribution and a value assessment of the question paper itself. No special facilities are required to take the test and it is easy to impose exam conditions. Security is relatively easy to maintain.
Computer Assisted Assessment
Canadian Authors Association
Canadian Automobile Association
Ca, These ratings are regarded, on balance, as predominantly speculative with respect to capacity to pay interest and repay principal in accordance with the terms of the obligation. (Ratings definitions reprinted from Moody's Bond Record, January, 1997. Caa, Ca, C ratings definitions have been summarized.)
Critical Areas Alteration CGP Clearing & Grading Permit
(Credit Advantage Australia) the body which holds credit details on all of us. Known also as Credit Reference Association of Australia (CRAA).
Command Arrangements Agreement
Command Arrangement Agreements
Commission for Academic Accreditation
The government body responsible for regulating U.K. airlines.
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Community Action Agency