Definitions for "NPI "
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National Partnership for Immunization
National Provider Identifier
NCREIF Property Index. A measurement published by the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), which tracks rent, income and value appreciation of different types of investment properties in different regions.
New Product Introduction. The process used to develop products that are new to the sales portfolio of a company.
See New Product Introduction.
New Product Introductions. The term that refers to the process of developing and launching a new product. Alternatively known as New Product Development (NPD).
NPI is a simple calculator that supports Reverse Polish Notation, devised by Jan Lukasiewicz in the Twenties to allow evaluation of mathematical expressions without brackets. It supports completion and command history.
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No pun intended
Network Program Interface. An interface for server-to-server interactions that performs all of the functions that the OCI does for clients, allowing a coordinating server to construct SQL requests for additional servers.
See Network Program Interface (NPI).
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Net Profits Interest