Definitions for "NTS"
National Trails System. The network of scenic, historic, and recreation trails created by the National Trails System Act of 1968. These trails provide for outdoor recreation needs, promote the enjoyment, appreciation, and preservation of open-air, outdoor areas and historic resources, and encourage public access and citizen involvement. 16 U.S.C. 1241-51.
National Topographic System. The NTS is a geographic system under which Canada is divided into numbered primary quadrangles each 4 degrees latitude by 8 degrees longitude (Source: British Columbia Standard System of Mapping).
National Transportation System. ISTEA called for the development of an NTS and work on identifying this system was launched by former Transportation Secretary Pena. The intent is to bring about an intermodal transportation system that will move people and goods more effectively and efficiently, and thereby advance economic, environmental and social goals.
Number Translation Services. telephone services using non-geographic numbers, where that number is translated to a geographic or mobile number for final delivery to the called party.
Number Translation Services. the process associated with the routing of a non-geographic number to a network termination point, eg, the number is translated from its non-geographic format into a geographic or mobile number to enable it to be routed to a geographic location or to a mobile phone.
Number Translation Services – describes a range of specially tariffed services, primarily used for telemarketing, which include 0500/0800 Freephone, 0345/0645/0845 local call fee access, 0870/0990 national call fee access and 08xx/09xx Premium Rate Services. These services are offered at specific price points in order that customers calling from any fixed network will know that the quoted retail price is the maximum they will be charged for calls to a particular number range.
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See New Toy Syndrome and New Relationship Energy.
New Toy Syndrome (see NRE)
evada est ite, a repository for radioactive wastes.
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Nevada Test Site
Nominal tubing size. Nominal tubing size (a.k.a. copper tubing size, CTS) is an outside diameter (OD) nominal sizing convention.
NET TAX SUPPORT. The amount of local taxes required to finance a particular program or set of programs. The net tax support is determined by subtracting all state and federal aid, fees, charges and other revenues from the total cost of the program or set of programs.
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Not to Scale.
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Non-traffic-sensitive costs