Definitions for "Dialed Number Identification Service"
Keywords:  dnis, inbound, trunk, toll, caller
A telephone service that identifies the number that the caller dialed for the receiver of the call. DNIS is a common feature of 800 and 900 services, and can identify the number originally dialed when multiple 800 or 900 numbers terminate on the same destination trunks. DNIS works by passing the dialed number to the destination device, which can act upon this data to control its routing, queuing, IVR, or other call behavior. DNIS is typically used to separate call treatment for different inbound campaigns or help desk numbers, whether in one enterprise or at a service bureau.
DNIS An optional feature on dedicated access lines ( DAL s). DNIS delivers identifying digits (up to 14 digits) that distinguish incoming calls. This allows CPE to identify which number was dialed when multiple numbers terminate on the same trunk group.
Each request is authenticated locally or forwarded to a remote server according to the number called to access a network service.