Definitions for "Ani"
Automatic Number Identification. A feature that provides the billing phone number of the phone from which a call originated or the phone number itself. See also Calling Line ID (CLID).
Automatic Number Identification. The automated system immediately receives the caller's phone number from the telephone network (similar to Caller ID functionality), which can be utilized in various types of applications such as fraud prevention, caller verification or informational.
The ability of a company to identify an 800-number caller's name and address. Every time a consumer calls one of these toll-free 800 numbers, there is a record of that call; the debt collection community frequently uses this to locate a consumer's home or business location after they have gone underground. (Use pay phones!)
A black bird of tropical America, the West Indies and Florida (Crotophaga ani), allied to the cuckoos, having a compressed, bladelike bill and remarkable for communistic nesting.
black tropical American cuckoo
The Anis are the three species of near-passerine birds in the genus Crotophaga of the cuckoo family. They are essentially tropical New world birds, although the range of two species just reaches the U.S.. Recent DNA evidence places them in a new family, Crotophagidae.
(pl. 'Aniyyim), also 'Anayyei-Aretz "the Meek" or "Downtrodden"; one of the sect's several interchangeable forms of self-designation. The equivalent of similar New Testament allusions; used synonymously with "Ebionim"/ "the Poor", and "Dallim".
Ani (, Latin: Abnicum) is a ruined city situated in the Turkish province of Kars near the border with Armenia, was once the capital of a medieval Armenian kingdom that covered much of present day Armenia and eastern Turkey. This city began over 1,500 years ago on the eastern side of the Akhurian River (Arpaçay), a branch of the Aras which now constitutes a border between Armenia and Turkey.
Animated cursor file format. Used with animated cursors in Windows-based machines.
Animated Cursor (file name extension) [Microsoft
ANI is a graphics file format defined by Microsoft for simple animated icons and cursors on its Windows operating system.
Accord National interprofessionnel pour l'Emploi (National multi-Sector Agreement)
The American Nuclear Insurers (ANI) is one of two insurance pools that provide the utility industry with the nuclear liability insurance under Price-Anderson. ANI, formerly known as the Nuclear Energy Liability Insurance Association, is composed of investor-owned stock insurance companies. See also MAERP.
(L. anus, anal orifice, from Sanskrit, to sit). e.g., nerve to external sphincter ani.
(L. anus, anal oriface). Pertaining to a muscle that supports the anus.
Asynchronous Network Interface. A mediation layer between the network devices and client applications. ANI provides discovery, inventory, and topological computations of networks and their devices
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And Northwestern parts of India
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NAS Implementation Program
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And under-Nutrition In the world
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