Definitions for "Orifice"
A mouth or aperture, as of a tube, pipe, etc.; an opening; as, the orifice of an artery or vein; the orifice of a wound.
An opening (hole) in a plate, wall, or partition.
An opening such as a hole or vent. An opening through which air can pass, or a restricted opening placed in a pipe line to provide a means of controlling or measuring flow. ( 099)
see restrictor o-ring overboost shutdown overdrive overhead cam oxygen sensor Pacifica Panhard rod P-body PCV valve
Generally refers to the flow path wall and leaflet support structure of a prosthetic valve. Sometimes called a "housing."
Orifice is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in X-Statix #1.
Velocity at which pesticide spray leaves nozzle velocity orifice.
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See Jewel
Fitting which determines the amount of fuel entering a heating appliance.
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See stilling well and protective well.