Definitions for "Manhole"
A hole through which a man may descend or creep into a drain, sewer, steam boiler, parts of machinery, etc., for cleaning or repairing.
A structure that allows access to the sewer system.
A safety hole constructed in the side of a gangway, tunnel, or slope in which miner can be safe from passing locomotives and car. Also called a refuge hole.
Keywords:  tairrie, tura, satana, sexism, racism
Manhole was a fast metal hardcore band from Los Angeles with the rap vocals from Tairrie B bringing up subjects like freedom, sexism, racism and rape. Due to legal reasons they changed their band name to Tura Satana after the release of their first album 'All Is Not Well'.
Keywords:  direc, tion, necessity, gradient, trunk
a box that is installed, of necessity, at a point where the trunk changes direc-tion, gradient, or both
A structure that allows access into a stormwater drainage system.
A debugging/administration interface to a Twisted application.