Definitions for "Cleanout"
Keywords:  wye, snake, tee, auger, fireplace
an access in a plumbing line used to clean out obstructions.
A 4 inch pipe that connects to the distribution line in a drainfield that allows for "snaking" or jet cleaning of the distribution line. Cleanouts must extend above the ground surface for access and maintenance. For a diagram, see cleanouts and monitoring tubes.
An opening providing access to a drain line. Closed with a threaded plug.
Keywords:  grout, masonry, mortar, debris, course
An opening in the first course of masonry for cleaning mortar droppings prior to grout placement in grouted masonry. Required in high lift grouting.
An opening of sufficient size and spacing so as to allow removal of debris from the bottom of the grout space. Typically located in the first course of masonry.