Definitions for "Christmas Tree"
Casing head valve assembly through which a well is produced.
An assembly of valves at each wellhead to control and shut off the flow to or from the well.
n: the control valves, pressure gauges, and chokes assembled at the top of a well to control flow of oil and/or gas after the well has been drilled and completed. It is used when reservoir pressure is sufficient to cause reservoir fluids to rise to the surface.
An electronic starting device incorporating calibrated lights displaying a visual countdown for each driver, activated by a designated official.
The starting line device that displays a timed countdown for each competitor.
The Tree, as it is often called, is the electronic starting device between the lanes on the starting line. It displays a calibrated-light countdown for each driver. Nitromethane: Produced specifically as a fuel for drag racing, it is the result of a chemical reaction between nitric acid and propane.
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a beautiful decorative symbol of the holiday season that people of all faiths can enjoy and it is as American as apple pie
a fun focal point for your holiday scrapbooking layouts
a religious symbol of Christmas, which is a Christian religious holiday
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Condition caused by over tensioning of the turn curve belts, typically in spiral systems, in which one edge of the belt bows in the direction of, or opposite of belt travel.
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See Vent.
The 3-7-10 or 2-7-10 split; so-called because of the triangular arrangement.
Directive to briefly turn on exterior lights to enable visual acquisition.
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A type of ratio vertical spread' where options are sold at two or more different exercise prices
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a very special purchase