Definitions for "DRILLING RIG"
The equipment used to bore into the earth. There are two types: a. Rotary b. Cable tools. The rotary type is more modern and efficient.
A structure, which drills wells in the bottom in order to search for oil.
Is a sophisticated combination of machinery and controls. The key functions are lifting and lowering pipe, rotating the drill bit, circulating fluid to remove rock cuttings, and controlling the pressure in the hole. The principal components of a rotary rig are the derrick, the drawworks, the engines, the mud system, and the drillstring. The derrick is the structure placed over the well. The drawworks is the hoisting equipment. The engines drive the mud pumps and drawworks and provide power for miscellaneous equipment. The mud system is comprised of the mud pumps, the mud tanks, the mud flow lines, and the circulating hose. The drill string is the entire rotating assembly and consists of the kelly, drill pipe, drill collars and drill bit. Rigs are described as "singles", "doubles" or "triples" depending on how many nine-metre (30-foot) sections of pipe can be lifted and stacked in the derrick. Generally, the taller the derrick, the deeper the rig can drill.