Definitions for "Wellhead"
The point at which the crude oil and/or natural gas exits the ground.
Casing attachment to the blowout preventer or the production Christmas tree, bolted or welded to conductor pipe or surface casing.
The area immediately surrounding the top of a well, or the top of the well casing.
The physical structure, facility, or device at the land surface from or through which groundwater flows or is pumped from subsurface, water-bearing formations.
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A source, spring, or fountain.
the source of water for a well
Keywords:  built, structure, top, over, hazardous
The top of a structure built over a well. Term also used for the source of a well or stream.
The top of, or a structure built over, a well.
The top of a structure built over a well. In hazardous materials it usually occurs over the top of an oil well.
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A device on the surface used to hold the tubing in the well. The wellhead is the originating point of the producing well at the top of the ground.
A valved apparatus connected to a well above ground which can be opened or closed. When the valve is in the open position on an active well, the well `flows'. When the valve is in a closed position, the well is shut-in.