Definitions for "packer "
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A ring of packing or a special device to render gas-tight and water-tight the space between the tubing and bore of an oil well.
A flexible rubber sleeve that is part of a special joint of pipe.
A downhole, expanding plug-like device which is used to seal off certain parts of tubing, casing, or open hole when cementing, acidizing, or isolating specific zones of a formation for production or testing. Packers can be run on logging cables, tubing, drill pipe, or casing and when in position can be expanded to form a seal to confine fluid flow to the inside bore of the packer.
One who operates a slaughter and meat-processing business.
a wholesaler in the meat-packing business
A firm that slaughters or slaughters and processes livestock or poultry.
Places finished product into bags/boxes.
the device inside the box of a trash truck that compacts the trash or recyclables once it is dumped into the truck's box. Compacting the materials makes room for additional materials and lengthens the time between disposal trips.
A member of the COR-O-VAN team assigned to pack items into boxes or onto carts. This process adds safety for the goods and the personnel involved in the move. Hiring a packer also pays back in reducing the time and cost to complete the move.
A moveable piece of heavy machinery used to lift rail containers or trailers on/off railroad flatcars at an intermodal facility. Also known as a piggybacker.
A large, motorized device, operated by a driver, used to lift trailers and containers onto or off of flat cars.
See Compression ring.
a tool that takes any executable file and 'packs' it into a smaller executable file by going through the entire executable then compressing all of it's instructions regardless of where they are (this means they'll generally pack
A utility which compresses a file, encrypting it in the process. It adds a header that automatically expands the file in memory, when it is executed, and then transfers control to that file. Some packers can unpack without starting the packed file. Packers are "useful" for trojan authors as they make their work undetectable by anti-virus products. Examples
Packer is a program that automatically generates high-quality packages from the input of the user. Unlike similar programs, the packages that packer makes are of a similar quality to those that are hand-crafted, as packer packages include dependencies and categories.
Packer automatically generates quality RPM, Debian, Slackware, and Autopackage packages based on answers to its questions. Unlike similar tools, the quality of its packages are comparable to packages that are hand-coded.
A person who weighs, measures or counts goods into packages. However this may not necessarily be the person named on the package, or the person whose brand or trademark appears on the label.
Packers are wide-mouth bottles typically used for pills, capsules and tablets. Alpha makes several different styles of packers, including rounds (also called Pharma Rounds), oblongs (with square bases) and apothecary styles (with concave shoulder areas) in both PET and HDPE.
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a hiker who wears a backpack
A front end to the GridBagLayout using a fluent interface to cut down the number of postitional parameters. Not to be confused with PackerLayout.
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A llama who packs seriously with large loads for longer distances. These llamas usually have light wool coverage and are bigger in size.
A person whose business is to pack things; especially, one who packs food for preservation or for the market; as, a pork packer.
a workman employed to pack things into containers
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A BBS program which packs new messages together to be sent out by a mailer or download by a user for offline mail reading.
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An element that packs a steam of bits into a stream of bytes.
A piece of a message that is transmitted in a packet switching network.