Definitions for "Gaskets"
Keywords:  pushers, seal, rubber, grommets, teflon
Rubber O-rings located on the case back of watches, in the pushers and crown and are there to provide a seal to keep water out of the watch.
Pre-formed shapes, such as strips, grommets, etc., of rubber or rubber-like composition, used to fill and seal a joint or opening either alone or in conjunction with a supplemental application of a sealant.
A flexible ring or integrated part typically made of rubber that's used to make a seal fluid-tight. Gaskets are positioned between your spoiler and the trunk lid to keep moisture from seeping through the holes drilled when installing the spoiler/wing.
Keywords:  sail, furl, yard, secure, ropes
Ropes by which the sails are secured
The lines used to secure a furl ed sail to its yard.
Keywords:  glazing, bedding, pre, glass, frame
Pre-formed glazing materials used for bedding or securing glass and for separating glass from the frame.