Definitions for "Grommet"
A ring formed by twisting on itself a single strand of an unlaid rope; also, a metallic eyelet in or for a sail or a mailbag. Sometimes written grummet.
A ring of rope used as a wad to hold a cannon ball in place.
A rubber or plastic ring, which lines a hole to protect electrical cable from damage.
a small ventilation tube that is inserted temporarily into the eardrum in an operation called a myringotomy to treat the condition ‘ glue ear’ ( otitis media).
a plastic tube which is slipped through a tiny incision in the eardrum
a tiny tube inserted into the eardrum to allow air to enter the middle ear
a circular piece of wire that keeps the crown of the cap in shape and uptight
Resilient part at back of insert (attached or see rate); gives wire moisture seal the power received at the load before insertion of the apparatus, to the power received at the load after insertion.
A rubber seal used on the cable side of a multiple-contact connector to seal the connector against moisture, dirt, or air.
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A total hack. A little dude with a 'tude.
Another name for a small, young snowboarder. Especially one who is very "in" to snowboarding.
young surfer