Definitions for "Fittings"
Keywords:  handrail, closure, spouts, ease, screw
Any parts other than ends necessary to complete the closure of a can, i.e., rings, plugs, screw necks, or caps and spouts.
Any parts (other than ends) necessary to complete the closure of a can, including plugs, screw necks, spouts, bungs, caps and more.
Pieces of wood that are shaped with the same profile as handrail to form changes of direction for the handrail or to provide strength and ornamentation. Example fittings are volutes, turn outs, tandem caps, easings, goosenecks.
Objects that can be taken from a property without causing damage.
(Financial Institutions Duty) state duty on the receipts of financial institutions. items that can be from a prompter without causing damage to it.
any items that can be removed from a property without damaging it.
The terms for both cast-in and loose items invariably in stainless steel, used to secure components to a supporting structure.The fittings are listed on a kit list.
(n) A term used to describe components that connect pipes, valves, and other fluid and gas-handling equipment. Fittings are often classified by the method used to join the components together. Some of the most common types are welded, threaded, and flanged (bolted).
Collectively, the parts of a drip system; pipe, connecting tees, valves, emitters, etc.
pieces of plumbing used to connect the column to the instrument by high pressure seal. See also column hardware.
Fittings are the hardware of the bathroom and kitchen. Fittings control the flow of water to the fixtures on which they are installed. Fittings include shower valves, tub fillers, lavatory faucets, bidet fittings, kitchen and bar faucets etc.
Refers to the connectors that join tubing, columns and various LC modules together.
Keywords:  finials, rakes, gable, ridges, tile
These are all the tiles used to finish a roof except for the field tile. Examples include end bands, gable rakes, terminals, finials, hip rolls and ridges pieces.
Are moveable articles temporarily attached to or connected with land and property.
Everything used, designed or intended for use, in or in connection with the generation, conversion, transformation, conveyance, measurement, or use of gas.
Chattels, which do not form part of the land, so must be separately conveyed.
Keywords:  saving, energy, adjust, light, small
a small device used to connect or adjust another part or parts You should use energy-saving light fittings in that area.