Definitions for "Chatelaine"
Keywords:  purse, scissors, thimble, waist, etui
An ornamental hook, or brooch worn by a lady at her waist, and having a short chain or chains attached for a watch, keys, trinkets, etc. Also used adjectively; as, a chatelaine chain.
A decorative plaque with a hook attached at the rear, to be worn from a belt or sash around the waist. A series of plaques or chains suspended from it held purses, watches, keys, sewing utensils, note pads, pencils, button hooks, and other functional implements.
An object clipped on at the waist of the person wearing it which has a series of chains that contain useful things: Necessaires, Keys, Etuis, Watches. (Often worn by the Housekeeper to showher position in the household.)
Person who helps newcomers get started.
Officer responsible for aiding and assisting newcomers Stierbach Officers
An officer position. The person in charge of recruiting new members, being a resource to newcomers, and helping plan/execute demos.
Chatelaine is an English language Canadian women's magazine, published by Rogers Media Publishing (a subsidiary of Rogers Communications). It was first published in March 1928 by Maclean Publishing. A Quebec, French language version exists also under the title of Châtelaine, and its graphic emphasizes the circumflex accent.
the mistress of a chateau or large country house