Definitions for "Swaging"
Keywords:  'squeeze, hammers, ina, dies, rod
A method of altering the cross-sectional shape of a metal bar by pressure applied though dies.
A method of forming or reducing steel or other metals to a desired shape by a series of blows rapidly applied by dies or hammers. The process is applied to wires, rods and tubes and can be used for a variety of pointing, tapering, sizing and reducing operations.
Shaping hot metal by impressing it with a stamp, die or other tool. TO TOP
An operation whereby a reduced diameter of a fastener is deformed to secure it to a panel. Note: the antonym of swaging is self-clinching where the panel material is caused to deform.
A method, used in shaft manufacture, in which the tip of the shaft is elongated in order to make it a specific smaller diameter.
The process of reducing the diameter of a given section of tube. Multiple methods apply.
used to capture another component of an assembly by melting and reforming a ridge of plastic around the component. The ridge locks the second component in place without welding the two materials together.