Definitions for "Valve Seat"
Surface against which a valve contacts. Usually, a valve at rest is against the inner seat, and a valve that is actuated is against the outer seat. Valve seats are usually made of a hard material such as bakelite or metal, but sometimes the valve is the hard material while the seats are made of leather. (See Principles of Operation - click here)
The non-moving part of a valve. Water flow is stopped when the moveable portion of the valve comes in contact with the valve seat.
the internal sealing area of a valve, either seat or interference fit valve design.
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These are steel rings which are pressed into the heads. This is the sealing surface on which the valve rests when it is in the closed position
The ring of hard metal to which the valve seals.
Part of oxygen cylinder head (top)
An interior part of the faucet valve assembly where the valve sits.