Definitions for "Seals"
Devices used between rotating and stationary parts to separate, and minimized leakage between, areas of unequal pressures. ( 060)
Devices used to separate and minimize leakage between areas of unequal pressure.
Devices mounted in the pump housing and/or on the pump shaft that prevent leakage of liquid from the pump.
Seals keep the lubricating agent (usually oil or grease) in the moving parts of your bike and the dust and grime out. The worst thing that you can posibly do to a sealed component (such as bottom bracket, hub or suspension fork) is to use a powerfull hose to clean it, as this tends to force water through the seals, pushing out the lubrication and promoting corrosion.
Devices to stop the ingress of contamination and the escape of lubrication.
The part used to keep grease in and dirt out of moving parts.
Any of various marine, meat-eating mammals who live mostly in the water but spend some time on land or ice to reproduce or rest. They have torpedo-shaped bodies and paddle-like flippers.
any of various aquatic carnivorous mammals found chiefly in the northern hemisphere.
If you have ever watch a period film them you will know that Seals were once extensively used as a means of identification. Seals were usually mounted in rings or hung on a chain and carved from Sard or Jasper using a technique called Intaglio..
Oil seals, rubber seals, teflon seals, gaskets, rubber grommets, o-ring & metric o-ring manufacturers.
Metal seals for the rotor tips and sides supercede piston rings. Rubber seals are used to mate the peripheral and side housings.
Seals are a claim made by occult groups and reinforced by demonic strongholds over sinful/criminal events. It is a method of mind control to silence a witness to these events by pairing trauma, threats of retaliation, and guilt by forced participation with vows or agreements not to reveal any information. Programmers often put codes of numbers into a personality system which supposedly can only be accessed by use of the code. It is an elaborate illusion to attempt to seal and keep secret information that can be brought forward if these agreements are renounced and the sin repented.
Metal strips, designed for one-time use, applied to the hasp of closed freight car doors. To remove, they must be broken. They are used to indicate whether or not the contents have been tampered with while in transit. They are stamped with a name, initial and/or number for identification.
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Small ornaments, worn on a watch chain, and including a seal used to seal letters plus similarly shaped items.
for the main function of the royal seals, see signet letters.