Definitions for "Potting"
Sealing of components under a plastic cover to keep out moisture.
Sealing by filling with a substance to exclude moisture.
The sealing of a cable termination or other component with a liquid that cures into an elastomer.
Encapsulation process, of embedding the assembly inside a container.
(also see Encapsulation): Similar to encapsulating. That is, filling a container of electrical components with an adhesive to provide environmental protection.
Enclosing and article in an envelope of adhesive.
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A method of catching bottom-dwelling finfish, crabs and lobsters in which a long line of pots or traps are left out for days or weeks, then collected.
The process of putting sugar in casks for cleansing and draining.
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knocking balls into the pockets with the cue ball
The process where an insulating material is poured into a container and the container remains as an integral part of the unit.
The act of placing in a pot; as, the potting of plants; the potting of meats for preservation.
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Potting is the action of placing a plant in a container filled with soil.