Definitions for "Composites"
Composite or white plastic fillings, are used when esthetics is a concern. While the currently available materials used for composites may not be quite as strong as silver fillings on the chewing surfaces, they do excellently in the grooves, and dramatically lower the development of cavities. (Some insurance companies will pay for the less expensive amalgams instead of composite fillings.) They are glass filled resin fillings.
The distinct components used in laminating a multi-material bow limb; commonly fiberglass facing and backing, corewood, laminations, and a riser section.
Structural materials of metal alloys or plastics with built-in strengthening agents, e.g. carbon fibers.
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Plants of the compositae family (Asteraceae). Common examples of these flowering plants are thistles, dandelion, and sunflowers.
a promising approach for load bearing bone reconstruction in the maxillofacial region in vivo