Definitions for "Hosts"
Hosts is the fifth volume in a series of Repairman Jack books written by American author F. Paul Wilson. The book was first published by Gauntlet Press in a signed limited first edition (June 2001) then later as a trade hardcover from Forge (November 2001) and a mass market paperback from Forge (September 2001).
Hosts of Angels or Hosts of Heaven. Those celestial beings who accompany and serve God. JB 38:7, LK 2:13 ) Also referred to as Army of Heaven. The Old Testament refers to stars. It sometimes refers to astral deities. The Bible passage section includes this term when implying Angels. Some Bible passages may imply not only Angels, but saints.
See Hosts file.
A file used by many operating systems, like the LMHosts file, to map IP addresses to host names. It's used mainly for small network installations where...
Refer to the parties which actually carry a site's files or information on their servers.
Computers, not terminals, that act as data sources or destinations in a communications network.
The names of the host nodes (computers) used by a job.
a computer system with registered ip address