Definitions for "Vouchers"
Forms or coupons provided to a traveler who purchases a tour that indicate that certain tour components have been prepaid. Vouchers are then exchanged for tour components like accommodations, meals, sightseeing, theater tickets, etc. during the actual trip.
Documents issued by a tour operator to be exchanged for accommodations, meals, sightseeing, admission tickets, etc.
A proposed form of in-kind public financing by which eligible candidates and/or political parties would receive certificates entitling them to a specified amount of free campaign resources, such as postage or media time. Under another kind of voucher system, currently being explored in Wisconsin, registered voters would receive government-issued scrip which they could contribute to candidates of their choice who, in turn, could redeem it for campaign funds.
Documents used in subsidized assistance to families using center-based, family child care or legal/unregulated care. States often have different definitions regarding the exact nature of vouchers, and sometimes refer to them as certificates. Also identified as a subsidized space by the Department of Human Services for TANF clients.
a dependent care option in which the participant submits periodic vouchers for dependent care to the provider and the employer covers part or all of the cost.
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System of payment for services in which a human service agency provides money (or service hours) directly to a parent or individual in the form of cash or a voucher. The cash/voucher can then be used to purchase services from other agencies/individuals of one's choosing.