Definitions for "scrip"
A piece of paper representing or acknowledging value, such as a receipt or certificate, given in lieu of currency.
A small writing, certificate, or schedule; a piece of paper containing a writing.
A preliminary certificate of a subscription to the capital of a bank, railroad, or other company, or for a share of other joint property, or a loan, stating the amount of the subscription and the date of the payment of the installments; as, insurance scrip, consol scrip, etc. When all the installments are paid, the scrip is exchanged for a bond share certificate.
A small bag; a wallet; a satchel.
Small wallet or bag carried by monks and pilgrims.
a knapsack or, more likely, a begging bag
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A specialized disbursement service developed with Wells Fargo and UCSD Medical Center as an alternative to the traditional petty cash payment system. Scrip is a negotiable "bearer" instrument, similar to a check, that is payable upon demand at a Wells Fargo branch. Unlike a business or personal check, Scrip does not contain the name of a specific payee and does not require photo identification from the individual presenting the item for payment. For more information, please contact Jeffrey Donahue.
a company money that could only be used at the company store
privately printed paper money.
A two-part paper receipt dispensed by a scrip terminal that prints scrip. Usually this document is then handed to a clerk to procure goods or services.
a custom notification that will automatically take a certain scrip action in response to a certain scrip condition, often using a template.
Sensory, physical and mental requirements
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Selection importance
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Social Security limit
A holding in securities.