Definitions for "ANTARES"
Keywords:  star, toulon, ocaml, scorpius, abyss
Antares provides a client and server for a turn based space-themed strategy game. Rules are modular, and the default rules resemble Stars! very closely. It is written in OCaml using the Tk binding.
The principal star in Scorpio: -- called also the Scorpion's Heart.
the brightest star in Scorpius
Keywords:  spox, firmware, dsp, dialogic, fax
A Dialogic open platform for easily incorporating speech recognition, Text-To-Speech, fax and many other DSP technologies. Dialogic PC-based expansion board with four TI floating point DSPs, SPOX DSP operating system, and the Antares board downloadable firmware and device driver.
Keywords:  haseo, arena, battles, won, random
Antares is a random character in the story of G.U. He was an important part of the story of how Haseo will obtain power. Antares introduces himself to Haseo after watching couple of Arena Battles that Haseo has won.
The Advanced Network Traffic Analysis Research and Exploration Suite is a toolkit for working with flow attributes - computations that can be used to distinguish between different uses of the network, even without using packet payloads.