Definitions for "Finite State Machine "
This library is an implementation of an extensible dynamic configurable finite state machine . The configuration of the state machine is not compiled, but loaded at the runtime from a file or created by application.
finite automaton
A finite state machine is a representation of a computer system as a series of states and the transitions that take the system from one state to another. Although the number of states can be quite large, many systems can be modeled as one of these machines.
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a classes and the Class DBI module Nov module a port of Java's log j
a conceptual model that can used to describe how many things work
a model of a control system
a computer-science construct that comprises a set of states, a set of events, and a mapping that defines the new state resulting from each combination of state and event
a device that stores its state (or status) at a given time and changes states or takes an action when specific, predefined events take place
a discrete time system containing finite memory and having a finite
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a set of states, one of which is the starting state