Definitions for "Anchor Point"
The starting point for a selected range of objects. An anchor point is usually established at the object logically nearest the hot spot of the pointer when a user presses a mouse button. Compare active end.
The point to where an arrows nock is drawn back to before release, usually the chin or cheek. Used to help with consistent aiming.
This is the point to which you draw your bow to and anchor along side of face. It is very important to make sure you do this the same with every shot.
A location identified in a vehicle where anchorage hardware, usually for a retrofitted top tether anchorage, may be installed.
A place in the vehicle where it is safe and proper to install anchorage hardware, usually for tether straps
The location on a vehicle, wheelchair, or wheelchair tiedown where a belt-restraint or wheelchair-tiedown anchorage is attached.
One of a specified set of sector numbers that identify the size of a volume descriptor sequence.
One of a specified set of logical sector numbers at which descriptor, that identify an extent of a Volume Descriptor Sequence, may be recorded.
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a place within an HTML document that is labeled with a name