Definitions for "Deadpoint"
A dynamic move where the next hold is grabbed at the dead point of the move.
(n.) to catch a hold at the apex of upward momentum at the point where the climber will experience the least force. (see "dyno"). 2. (vb.) to perform a deadpoint ¥²¶·­n§Q¥Î°ÊºAªº²3/4°Ê¥h§ì¨ìªº§â¤âÂI¡A¦]¬°¶ZÂ÷«Ü»·¡A¦pªG¨S¦³§ì¨ì§â¤âÂI¡A¤U³õ´N¬OåP¸¨¡F¦¨¥\3/4÷²v¤£¤j¡C¡i
A dynamic move which involves precision movement in order to catch the hold at the peak of the move before momentum waivers and gravity starts taking over.