Definitions for "Labeled"
Keywords:  compliance, cec, nec, attests, affixed
Term indicating National Electrical Code/Canadian Electrical Code (NEC/CEC) classifications for equipment or products that have been evaluated and the methods used to produce them have been reviewed for compliance with the appropriate manufacturing or performance standards.
Devices, equipment, appliances or materials to which have been affixed a label, seal, symbol or other identifying mark of a nationally recognized testing laboratory, inspection agency or other organization concerned with product evaluation that maintains periodic inspection of the production of the above-labeled items and by whose label the manufacturer attests to compliance with applicable nationally recognized standards.
bearing or marked with a label or tag; "properly labeled luggage"
The term "labeled" means to mark substances in a way that they can easily be identified. In life sciences, substances in the body are labeled using stable isotopes or harmless radioactive components so that they can be traced, analyzed or measured.
A label is a molecule that can be attached to another molecule. It has some property such as radioactivity, fluorescence, or luminescence to allow it to be detected along with the molecule to which it was attached. A molecule containing a label attachment is called tagged or labeled.