Definitions for "to point B"
a matter of great fuss and hullabaloo, the crew scurrying from stem to stern and rail to rail, hauling and reefing and slacking and backing all at once, a chaos of running feet, flailing hands and shouted orders
a matter of simple deduction
Keywords:  madcap, adventure
a madcap adventure
Keywords:  redmonk, o'grady, challenge
a chore, and should be done only if strictly necessary (food, water, firewood,
an unexpected zinger in being mobility impaired
Keywords:  tedious, crawl, night, heavy, traffic
a tedious crawl through heavy traffic that does not appear to let up, day or night
an infinitely more interesting proposition
Keywords:  journey, expensive
an expensive journey
an even better reason to be considerate and try to get along with the other vehicles with which we cyclists share the road
Keywords:  album, thing, hear, you
a thing of the past
a thing that you will hear in this album
Keywords:  harder, lot
a lot harder than it used to be
Keywords:  fun, large, part
a large part of the fun
Keywords:  miles, million
a million miles away
a measurable accomplishment
Keywords:  priority, environment, higher
a higher priority than the environment
Keywords:  dance, essential, part
an essential part of a dance
Keywords:  story, entirely, different
a different story entirely
Keywords:  question, travelers, still, today, face
a question that travelers still face today
Keywords:  experience, function
a function of experience
Keywords:  quality, issue, life, real
a real quality-of-life issue