Definitions for "Sticking Point"
The area in a range of motion where the resistance is furthest away from the center of gravity.
The biomechanically weakest point where you get "stuck" during your rep (usually halfway through). In a bicep curl, for example, the sticking point is likely going to be when the forearm is in a 90-degree angle from the upper arm, as the laws of physics makes it the biomechanically heaviest point.
Most difficult part of a movement.
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Striations Sucrose
A stalling out of bodybuilding progress.
a point at which an impasse arises in progress towrd and agreement or a goal
a controversial issue that blocks progress in negotiations, etc, where compromise is unlikely or impossible
a provision in the constitution that says no laws may contradict the "undisputed" rulings of Islam
a provision of the Philippine Constitution that forbids foreign troops from conducting military operations in the Philippines
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See plateau.