Definitions for "Control point"
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Planning, production and logistics points that initiate or limit connected points. Control points receive more attention and help focus priorities when detailed review of all points is not practical.
Any point, step or procedure at which biological, physical or chemical factors may be controlled.
A permanently fixed point on the ground, the location of which has been accurately determined and recorded for reference and future use.
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See "Setpoint."
Also called a control station. Locations on the earth's surface used for mapping references. Can be horizontal or vertical or both. Often these are bench marks.
any station in a horizontal or vertical control network that is identified in a data set or photograph and used for correlating the data shown therein.
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an entity capable of controlling another UPnP-enabled device, such as a light switch, or a remote control
a network entity that invokes a device's functionality
a component of your EMS development that often is overlooked, but that merits special attention in order for the EMS to mature and provide continued value to the organization
CPTs are features of known ground location that can be accurately located on imagery.
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Control valve Convection
The value of the controlled variable which the controller operates to maintain.
The temperature at which a system is to be maintained.
The temperature an instrument needs to maintain to perform its designated function.
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A control item with a target (result); used to analyze data and take action accordingly.
Any step at which biological, chemical, or physical factors can be controlled.
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See CP.