Definitions for "Telomeres"
(tee´ lo merz) [Gr. telos: end] • Repeated DNA sequences at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes. Telophase (tee´ lo phase) [Gr. telos: end] • The final phase of mitosis or meiosis during which chromosomes became diffuse, nuclear envelopes reform, and nucleoli begin to reappear in the daughter nuclei.
tips of the chromosomes that contain nucleotides that complete each cycle of DNA replication; composed of a specific arrangement of 6nucleotides (TTAGGG) repeated a few hundred to a thousand times.
Special DNA sequences at the ends of each chromosome that grow shorter each time a cell divides. Telomeres count the number of cell divisions, and when it shortens to a certain length, the cell will stop dividing (senescence) and eventually die.