Definitions for "Telomere"
End region of a eukaryotic chromosome containing characteristic telomeric (TEL) sequences that are replicated by a special process, thereby counteracting the tendency of a chromosome to be shortened during each round of replication. ( Figure 12-13)
End of a chromosome, associated with a characteristic DNA sequence that is replicated in a special way. Counteracts the tendency of the chromosome otherwise to shorten with each round of replication. (From Greek telos, end.)
One of the ends of each of the four “arms” of a chromosome.
even though certain portions of the genome - namely the centromeres and telomeres, which are the highly repetitive regions at the center ... (IOCeleraGenome) Telômero O cientista russo A.M. Olovnikov propõe uma teoria de envelhecimento associada à perda de telômeros ... (POUniverRS)