Definitions for "Checklist"
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A list of action items, steps, or elements needed for a task. Each item is checked off as it is completed.
A listing made up by collectors or clubs to be used in checking off which matchcovers are in a collection. It lists potential types of matchcovers by number rather than the actual issued matchcovers. Matchcover manufacturers do not support Hobby checklists. Also known as an Index. (See Lists).
An observational analysis instrument that records the presence or absence of critical elements of behavior
a good way to sort out the host that will provide the type of hosting you are looking for
a great idea as I, in a panic forgot to set Duenna one time,did'nt know the wingman also had to set Duenna on another
a great way to always stay organized, while selling your home
an excellent tool to do just that
a reference tool that will enable useful work of historicizing and recovery by students of this important chapter in the history of the theatre
a simple yet powerful task management tool that helps you plan projects, prioritize 'to do' items, remember responsibilities and record accomplishments
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a guide for both the applicant who creates the ICA and the FAA Flight Standards inspector who accepts the ICA
a guide for district screening and assessment of projects for potential hazardous waste involvement
a guide to good decision making, not an end point in itself
Enumeration of actions to be taken by an individual or organization, meant to aid memory rather than provide detailed instruction (FEMA definition).
a mechanical aid used to overcome the limitations of human memory
a tangible document you can review
a first indication as to which variables should be given attention
a possibly scrollable set of textual entries from which the user may make or remove non-exclusive (i.e., one or more) choices that are indicated by marks which appear beside the chosen entries.
a necessity for weather confirmation and of needed materials for fishing excursions.
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When a solution is found for one job, a small chunk with this result will be added to the checklist of all running jobs with the same jobtype.
a performance measuring monument
a set of step-by-step instructions for performing a single task
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A group of check box fields associated with a set of user-defined prompts.
a set of spatially related Actions
Keywords:  start, good, plan, developing, point
a good place to start
a good starting point for developing the plan
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a must for free flying or for power or for any type of flying
a useful method for identifying hazards